We are leading a generally unhealthy lifestyle which includes stressing and eating food which is unhealthy to fill your stomach and get on with your day and not to nourish your body, not caring about the long term consequences of these actions. Although you do not see the harm you are causing your body but your body might be hinting that there is something wrong. If you see some the signs mentioned below it is your body telling you to accept a much healthier lifestyle for your well being.

Bad Skin

Start by inspecting your skin, the quality of your skin is one of the best ways to tell the overall quality of your health. A bad lifestyle really shows on your skin in the form of acne, dryness, and peeling as an unhealthy lifestyle leads to decreased quality of skin. If you see a blemish that resembles a stretch mark, it is your wake up call.

Bad Skin

Bad sleep

Another common but mostly ignored sign is bad sleep. If you are not able to get a peaceful sleep or you sleep too much it is a sign that you need some lifestyle changes. this can be due to what you eat or drinking as coffee close to your sleeping time and not expelling enough energy during the day can also lead to sleepless nights.

Bathroom issues

It is an embarrassing issue, but one cannot ignore but notice that there are changes in your bathroom habits as the colour of your urine might have changed. The regularity of bowel moments also tell a lot about your bodies functioning.

Dry Lips

Lips are very delicate and are easily compromised when there is something wrong with the body. Specifically, it indicates the level of vitamins in your body. If you constantly see that your lips are chapped and don’t seem to repair itself, you must be vitamin strapped, and the best way to resolve this issue is to diversify your diet by including nutrient-rich foods.

Dry Lips

Your finger and toenails

If you notice discolouration, ridges, bumps in and around your fingernails, these are all red flags. If something strange is happening to your nails, do not ignore them.

Body temperature fluctuation

If you have icy feet, excluding the environmental factors, can be a sign of cardiovascular problems. If you are feeling cold, especially on your hands and feet, you might be dealing with circulation issues, and the body is not getting blood where it needs to go.


Our brain health and body health are interconnected, meaning your body fat will have a significant impact on our ability to think and reason. If you are having difficulty making a decision, it might be a sign that you need to drop some weight that is hindering your brains ability to thing.

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