There are many myths surrounding the health industry from detox to alkaline diets. We are here to help you debunk some of these myths you believe in.


A popular word in the dieting world, where the idea is to flush all the harmful toxins out of your bodies. Detox diets involve Fasting, consumption of fruits and vegetables, cutting on wheat and dairy, limited range of foods, avoiding caffeinated drinks, alcohol. Except, the idea of detox is unscientific. If you keep yourself starving for a long amount of times a chemical build-up kicks in called ketones. This chemical will build up and cause nausea, dehydration, weakness, lightheadedness and irritability also the lack of protein can result in you breaking down your muscle and can compromise your immune system.

A food intolerance test

Many pharmacies offer a food intolerance test that measures IgG antibodies and confirm if you have a food intolerance or not.Now, HPRA has banned the selling of these test as they do not provide scientific or accurate evidence of you having any kind of food intolerance. Unless said by a medical professional do not trust these test as it is a waste of energy and money.

BCAAs are the best source to take amino acids

Branched Chain Amino Acid plays an important role in rehydrating, providing protein and energy after a workout. But BCAAs alone cannot support the increased rate of muscle protein synthesis as the body needs nine kinds of essential amino acids, but BCAAs have just three.



Charcoal has become a trend as it is one of the main ingredients that is added in the food and drinks to make it Instagram worthy. Charcoal is most commonly used to filter against undigested toxins to help remove from your body, but charcoal can bind nutrients and prevent the absorption of some useful nutrients.

Daily Probiotics

Probiotics have provided us with many health benefits for our gut, oral, and mental well being, but it is not necessary to consume them every day. As a body can produce its own probiotics and your body does not need more of it. If you are a healthy person who eats balanced meals, you have no need for a probiotic everyday.

Alkaline diet any good?

A very trendy diet these days is the Alkaline diet where the trend involves you eating alkaline foods to stop the food turning acidic. Our blood PH has to remain in between 7.35 and 7.45 if it is above or below this range you will probably die. Our bodies maintain the blood ph level and make sure it remains constant. Although Alkaline foods consist of mainly fruits and vegetables, it is a healthy diet, but the foo causing a change in our blood PH is nonsense.

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